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New Portal Milling Machine

Article released on 07.03.2014

In operation since the beginning of this year, our new portal milling machine increases our capacity for and capability of machining large-scale components. The gantry-type portal milling machine, which is fully encapsulated and temperature controlled, allows for high-speed and extremely precise machining of components measuring up to 8 m in length and 3.5 m in width. We’ve outfitted this machine with an automated head changer and two milling heads: a universal cutter head for flexible milling on variable axes; and a high-speed cutter capable of running up to 20,000 rpm. A remote-controlled internal camera in the encapsulated milling chamber further allows the machinist permanent and precise viewing of the entire machining process.

Übernahme des Geschäftsbetriebes


Mit Wirkung zum 01.01.2018 wird der Geschäftsbetrieb durch die MBM     Industrie GmbH übernommen.

"Woman power" in the machine building industry

Article released on 10.10.2013

Bayernhochsechs interviews MBM shareholder Karina Schwarzenböck for their series "Sechs auf einen Streich."

Read the interview (in German) here.

From the City to the Country

Article released on 09.09.2013

MBM employees Frank Leitsmann and Michael talk about moving to Bavaria for work. (in German only)

This report from Sat1.Bayern was aired on Sept. 6th, 2013.

A New Press in Hall 6

Article released on 02.09.2013

Our new press arrived on July 30th and is, with a table length of 6 meters and a width of 2.5 meters, twice as long as our old press. The machine is from the Italian company SICMI and has 2 fitted press cross-heads, each capable of exerting 300tonnes of pressure with 500mm of swing and outfitted with individual swing indicators. The machine can even be operated by two people at once since the cross-heads operate independently. The machine is the first and, to date, only one of its kind.

The old press has been relocated to Hall 7 where it will be used in the production of rollers.

25th Anniversary News

Article released on 03.07.2013

(Translation of the article at left, published in the Mühldorfer Anzeiger)

MBM raises over €5500 for the “Mühldorfer Tafel”

MBM used it’s 25th anniversary to raise money for the “Mühldorfer Tafel”. Business partners were asked to make a direct donation to the organization instead of bringing gifts to the celebrations. In addition to these generous donations, as well as donations collected during the open house and an additional amount donated directly from MBM, the total sum of the donation came to €5500. “The money comes at just the right time for us and will be put to good use,”added Mühldorfer Tafel treasurer Doris Oertel (right) as she thanked MBM’s CMO Karina Schwarzenböck (left).

Open House at MBM

Article released on 23.04.2013

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary MBM is hosting an Open House on Saturday May 4th, from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Come on by; we'd love to show you around!

At the Oktoberfest with MBM

Article released on 13.04.2013

Read the article from the Mühldorfer Anzeiger here.

MBM is turning 25!

Article released on 1.02.2013

It’s official. MBM is 25 years old today! On February 1st, 1988 the company “Polensky & Zöllner Reparaturwerk Mühldorf” became MBM Maschinenbau Mühldorf GmbH and the rest is history. Since then, the name MBM has not only stood for quality and reliability, but also for education and training, innovation and diversity. We’ve made it through highs and lows; have always sought to advance ourselves, our knowledge and equipment. We’re incredibly proud of what we as a company have accomplished in our first 25 years; now we’re excited to start the next 25!

The new machines of 2012

Article released on 1.02.2013

2012 was marked by continued investment in new machinery and technology at MBM. The first new machine, a lathe from the Spanish machine manufacturer Geminis, was delivered at the end of May. The lathe can accommodate pieces up to 4000mm in length and 1200mm in diameter. A short 5 weeks later we installed the second new machine of the year, a Gildemeister CTX Gamma 3000TC lathe/milling centre.

The new lathe/milling centre is equipped with both main and opposed spindles, a programmable hydraulic support, and 5-axe combination lathe/milling head. Maximum piece length is 3000mm and max. Diameter is 700mm. The machine’s configuration enables machining all 6 sides for pieces that aren’t round. The addition of this machine has enabled MBM to take a significant technological step forward in 2012. For machine manufacturer Gildemeister it is the first machine of this size in Southern Germany.

Bacteria Eat Hazardous Waste

Article released on 3.12.2012

"Mikroben fressen Schadstoffe" (in German)
Read the article here.

Neues Lateralfräswerk

Bericht veröffentlicht am 15.06.2012

Seit Anfang März diesen Jahres ist unser neues Lateralfräswerk Typ 30 KCU 8000 AR der Firma Zayer in Betrieb.

Um eine möglichst geringe Ausfallzeit zu erreichen, wurde bereits zwischen Weihnachten und Silvester 2010 mit dem Abbau der über 10 Jahre alten Maschine vom Typ 30 KC 8000, ebenfalls von Zayer, begonnen. Diese erwies uns lange Zeit im 3-Schichtbetrieb (59.964 Betriebsstunden) gute Dienste, entsprach aber nicht mehr dem Stand der Technik.

Nach „kleineren Änderungen“ am Fundament (es wurden 54 m³ Beton verbaut), wurde Anfang Februar mit der Montage der neuen Maschinebegonnen. Im Jahre 1989 wurde mit dem Kauf des ersten Laterals der Grundstein für die Bearbeitung von großen Stahlbauteilen bei MBM gelegt und bis heute kontinuierlich zu einer Bearbeitungslänge von 14 Metern ausgebaut.

Unser Neuzugang kann mit einer max. Drehzahl von 6000U/min, innerer Kühlmittelzufuhr, 60-fach Werkzeugwechsler, Funkmesstaster und hochmoderner iTNC 530 Heidenhain Steuerung bis zu 8 Meter lange und 20 Tonnen schwere Werkstücke bearbeiten.