A lot has happened since 1988; we've shared a few of the highlights below.

1988: Heinz Weber, of Montreal, Canada, founds MBM Maschinenbau Mühldorf GmbH from the remains of the bankrupted construction company Polensky & Zöllner.

1989: The first new production hall for large-scale machining is built.

1993: A subsidiary company, MBM Westra, is founded in the Czech Republic.

1997: A new hall dedicated solely to assembly is built.

2001: MBM opens an in-house engineering department.

2002: Another new production hall is built and a new lateral milling machine allowing the machining of components up to 14m in length in installed.

2003:The first ICM 15050 Duplex is built and a new lightweight hall is built solely for the purpose of assembling the machine. 

2004: The production hall built in 1997 is lengthened by 50m. The first injection blow-moulding machine is built.

2006: An in-house laboratory is opened to service our ICM15050 Duplex customers.

2007: Shareholder Karina Schwarzenböck joins the company as Marketing Director. MBM Westra doubles its capacity with a new assembly hall. 

2008: MBM expands it’s property and builds two new assembly halls.

2012: MBM becomes a majority shareholder in AlpinaTec, an engineering firm in Austria. The apprenticeship department gets an overhaul and moves into a new location on the MBM grounds.

2013: MBM celebrates its 25th anniversary.