Our goal is to surpass expectations; using state-of-the-art equipment and continuously modernizing our machinery means our clients profit from the most modern technology available combined with our decades of experience as a manufacturer of specialty machinery.

Below you can step inside our production facilities and see for yourself.

Centre Lathes

Krewema ZS 710 x 2000 FA
Turning length: 2185/3385mm
Diameter: 1420mm over bed, 2000mm without bed, 920mm over cross slide

Geminis GT-5-1200-G2
Turning length: 400mm
Diameter: 850mm over cross slide, 1200mm over machine bed

Gildemeister CTX 520 Linear
Turnling length: 1300mm
Diameter: 440mm

Geminis CNC 4 Plus
Turnling length: 4000mm
Diameter: 620mm over bed, 370mm over cross slide

Turning length: 2500mm
Diameter: 550mm over bed, 350mm over cross slide

Geminis GE 1000-A
Turning length: 4000mm
Diameter: 820mm over bed, 650mm over cross slide

Geminis CNC 5 Plus
Turning length: 5000mm
Diameter: 1000mm over bed, 700mm over cross slide

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Horizontal Boring Mills

Union T 130 CNC
Max. dimensions: x 2500mm, y 2500mm, z 1500mm

UNION TC 130 CNC with tool changer
Max. dimensions: x 3000mm, y 1910mm, z 1500mm

Max. dimensions: x 3200mm, y 2500mm, z 1500mm

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5-Axe combination lathe/milling machines

2 x Deckel Maho DMU 125 FD
Max. dimensions: x 1250mm, y 1000mm, z 1000mm
CNC-controlled table, table diameter: 1250mm
Max. weight: 2t

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Surface Grinding

Max. dimensions:length 450mm, width 170mm, height 250mm
Max. dimensions: length 5350mm, width 550mm, height 250mm
Max. dimensions: length 5500mm, width 600mm, height 300mm

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Heat Treatment / Thermal Stress Relief

inner dimensions: 1200mm x 1200mm x 2600mm up to 650 °C
(in the area of 20 x 5m)

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Profile Processing /Sawing

sawing to IPB 600

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Flame Cutting

ComCut 26 CNC-cutter
Max. dimensions: width 3000mm, length 1500mm
Max. thickness: 200mm

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Paint and Drying Room

Room dimensions: 15m x 5.60m x 4.78m
equiped with an airless-spray paint system

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Coordinate-boring machine

KOLB KBNP/125, CNC-controlled
Clearance: 2430 mm
Travelling distance: x 2000mm, y 1440mm, z 800mm

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Lateral Milling Machines

Nicolás Correa Axia-130, CNC with tool changer
Max. dimensions: x 13000mm, y 1500mm, z 2500mm

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Milling Machines

OMV SHARK 5000 Fixed-bed milling machine
CNC-controlled, continuously positioning milling head
Max. dimension: x 5000mm, y 1200mm, z 1600mm

ZAYER 20 KF 3000 plano milling machine
Max. dimensions: x 2700mm, y 1200mm, z 1000mm

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Keyway Broaching

Width: 3 - 40mm
Length: 200mm

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Sheet Metal Forming

edging and shearing up to 3000 x 10 mm
bending up to 2000 mm x 17 mm (thickness)

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Blast Rust Removal

Max. dimensions: width 1500mm, length 14000mm, height 350mm
Max. dimensions: width 1000mm, length 14000mm, height 600mm

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